Six ‘Impossible to ignore’ B2B eCommerce trends for 2021

Impossible to ignore B2B trends for 2021

These are our Top 6 features of B2B online selling that we think are impossible to ignore entering 2021 and a post-Covid world.

  • Price Negotiation. Unlike B2C ecommerce websites, on B2B we believe that buyers should be able to negotiate on price much like they would over the phone in a traditional sales process.
  • Simple Display. Having simple features on your B2B website that makes it easy for your customers to purchase items and clearly see the options available ultimately results in more sales.
  • Risk Free Selling. We provide you with a risk free platform that you can show to your customers before making any long term commitments.
  • Complete Customisation. On our SouqBox platform, we make it incredibly easy for each user to customise their marketplace and incorporate their branding into the design. Upon seeing the site, your customers will automatically feel comfortable with purchasing from you as they can recognise the brand.
  • Site Security. In general, B2B purchases tend to be of a higher value than B2C, this is why having a secure payment gateway is vital.
  • Advertising via eCommerce. At SouqBox, we have built systems that allow you to promote your products in the best possible way. We provide you with SEO and Google Analytics information on each product, allowing you to track who your customers are.



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