Amazon is going after B2B – is it time to evolve?

Amazon is going after B2B – is it time to evolve?

This interesting article articulates in numbers, the rise of B2B sales for Amazon. Traditionally an area thought safe from the eCommerce giants, B2B is now firmly a growth area for the likes of Amazon.

With $31Bn annually and forecasts suggesting this will double in the next 4 years, the question for any B2B distributor must now be ‘How do I compete with Amazon?’

Clearly the more niche and technical your sector is, the less likely Amazon is going to easily take a share of that market. If the products are highly commoditized and recurring such as cleaning chemicals and stationary, it’s going to be very competitive in these sectors as Amazon’s distribution cost leadership bites.

There is a greater question to be asked if you are in the target sectors here ‘Am I happy to distribute through Amazon and compete against other vendors there (mainly on price), or can I build a compelling market of my own?’

That’s exactly where SouqBox can help. You can launch your own fully branded equivalent of Amazon but with features Amazon doesn’t offer like the ability to negotiate in the deal – so essential for B2B. Souq Box takes care of all the tech so you can concentrate on building up your offering and shoring up your market before Amazon starts to bite into it.

So if you don’t have your own eCommerce or market capability, it’s time you talked to SouqBox. Starting at just £200 per month for the full eCommerce suite, you could be up and running in minutes. Keep your customers as your customers with a SouqBox powered marketplace.

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