Home improvement products skyrocket in demand due to Covid-19 ‘Staycations’

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to restrict global travel for another summer, millions of holidayers have had to cancel their plans once again. “Staycations” are becoming hugely popular as a result of this and the money that would have been going into holidays abroad is being funneled into home improvement, particularly in more developed countries.

This market trend poses a massive opportunity for those trading garden furniture, landscaping equipment, swimming pool products and home leisure goods. With the average home improvement ROI currently sitting at 12.5% according to Yieldify.com, it’s no surprise that home-owners across the world are snatching up these goods in quick succession.

Landscapers, builders and pool installers are facing huge supply shortages due to the staycation and home improvement boom as a result of Covid. Not to mention the supply chain crisis in the Suez canal that has also caused significant delays and shortages in supply across the globe.

With increased demand and external pressures from factors like Covid-19 and supply chain issues, it is imperative that B2B traders in this sector have an efficient and practical E-commerce solution in place that will allow them to match the increasing demand pulled through by consumers, especially if they have the inventory to do so, as the installers and builders catering for this demand spike are seeking faster access to supply than ever before. This means that the B2B suppliers with inventory, have a golden opportunity to capitalise on increasing demand by launching an E-commerce site and making their inventory more available.

On top of this, modern retail decision makers are much younger than they used to be, and much more familiar with technology. They want to buy their products quickly and they want to buy them online.

B2B traders on the Souqbox platform don’t need to change their common business practices when scaling up digitally, as the platform is designed specifically for B2B trade meaning negotiable and fixed price selling are built into the platform, as well as logistics negotiation. On the Souqbox platform B2B traders can have a fully functional & branded site up and running within 30 minutes, on top of this the first month is free, so you can really see if it’s suitable for your business without taking any risk.

Is it time to capitalise on demand and open a new revenue stream for your business? The summer is fast approaching, make your business visible and capable online with Souqbox.



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