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Product-driven websites are land grabbing the buyer’s attention – are you ready to have your own branded, product lead Eommerce capability? These online leaders are and they are getting great results…

The secondhand catering equipment industry was forecast to be worth £250m in the coming years before lockdown. There is an abundance of surplus equipment making its way to the market, as restaurants streamline their businesses. It is also changing-minds sets as a cost friend and sustainable way to shop. Operators now are looking for more affordable solutions and it is anticipated that sales will reach that figure (what figure?) quicker than expected due to the pandemic.

Catering equipment plays a critical role in the success of a professional kitchen and understandably customers need and expect to be able to quickly and easily order products and have visibility into when they will arrive so they can avoid disruptions to their service. According to a recently published article on this subject in pimberly.com, diversification into eCommerce promises big rewards. This important article here highlights why businesses should embrace B2B eCommerce.

Having a great website isn’t enough. Today’s sophisticated user is searching for a product, not suppliers, and the metadata that drives SEO performance must be directly linked to the product. In order to do that you need a product-driven catalog or eCommerce site where each product can be listed on its own webpage. This kind of site also lends better to accurate analytics so you will be able to see where your marketing efforts are driving results.

Creating a successful sales platform can cause an increased traffic flow of customers visiting your site. With a  SouqBox hosted website, your products are front and center in a fully branded private website that you can control completely. It starts at £0 per month. That’s not a typo.  Create your own catalog site, at your own pace then grow it into our full-scale commercial offerings starting at £200 PCM.

This increased visibility will not only increase customer satisfaction, but you will also benefit from a reduction in the number of incoming calls from customers checking stock levels. The quick order entry feature we offer on the SouqBox solution allows speed, efficiency, and 24/7 accessibility. This is essential in an industry that doesn’t typically operate during standard office hours. Talk to our skilled team today getstarted@souqbox.net for a no-hassle consultation on how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you



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