Printing and Packaging industry forecast to make an impressive rebound.

As Covid restrictions begin to lift across the United Kingdom, businesses are re-opening and money is once again starting to flow into the economy. Dozens of industries are firing up their engines once again in a hope to recuperate losses incurred as a result of the pandemic. The food/beverage and retail industries are prime examples of this. In order to stand out in a sea of hospitality and retail firms, advertising is crucial. In turn, the necessity for promotional goods is increasing rapidly. In order to save money, businesses are investing in their own printing equipment and goods. As a result of this, the printing industry is beginning to make a serious rebound as thousands of small and medium sized businesses seek the ability to create their own promotional goods.

It is important to note that not all effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are negative, according to  Memjet, the packaging equipment industry has seen soaring demand throughout the pandemic thanks to a monumental increase in online shopping and e-commerce as a result of face to face shopping restrictions. The same goes for labelling, which falls under the printing industry. Labels are vital for conveying product information in dozens of different industries, however as of recently food, hygiene and pharmaceutical labels have been high in demand in conjunction with the pandemic.

Covid has continued to force business to business trade to go digital, this is not going to be a short-term trend. According to CMSwire, 70-80% of b2b buyers now prefer to make remote interactions with their business partners and prospects due to it’s time saving characteristics as well as safety, travel saving costs and simplicity.

How can b2b Printing and Packaging firms capitalise on increased demand? By integrating a capable and seamless e-commerce capability into their operations that can drive traffic based on product searches and expose products to the 70-80% of b2b buyers that prefer online methods. Enter SouqBox, the ONLY E-commerce platform designed specifically for b2b trade.

With functions like negotiable and fixed price selling and logistics negotiation already built into the platform, the integration into the e-commerce world is seamless with SouqBox. The flexibility to turn your fully ‘own branded’ e-commerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace, allows users on the SouqBox platform to expand their reach and grow their online presence.

What’s stopping you? Transform your business to capture demand and new revenue with SouqBox.



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