Surge on the horizon for auto-parts sales

As the global population continues to become vaccinated against Covid-19, worldwide restrictions are starting to lift and the population is able to travel a little bit more freely. However, millions of people are deciding to stay within their own borders as a safety precaution. Public transportation is certainly a popular method, however many are put off by this due to fear of being in close proximity to other people who may be infected with the coronavirus. As a result of these factors, the roads are getting busier and demand for quality aftermarket automotive parts is increasing as a result.

On top of this, the pandemic has halted China’s export of goods globally. According to Statista China is among the world’s largest suppliers of car parts to the automotive parts industry, with over $34 billion worth of parts exported in 2018 alone. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, the South China morning post reported that parts export was down about 70% in the month of March. It has been a slow recovery so far but with restrictions easing up, the demand is increasing quickly.

It is important now for b2b traders that hold automotive parts to make themselves available and accessible to buyers within the space, particularly those that may have partnerships with Chinese suppliers and can access supply fairly easily. The managing director of KPMG has advised suppliers of this equipment to “prepare for a pop” in demand in the coming months/years.

So how can b2b traders in this space capitalise on increasing demand? By integrating a capable and seamless e-commerce capability into their operations that can drive traffic based on product searches and expose products to the 70-80% of b2b buyers that prefer online methods. Enter SouqBox, the ONLY E-commerce platform designed specifically for b2b trade.

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