Tackling your old Tech

The UK tech sector, in 2023, outpaced both that of the US and China in terms of growth. It’s growing at a rate 2.6 times that of the overall economy. With this mind, the businesses within the sector have a role to play when it comes to limiting the carbon footprint. A report by the government noted that the digital sector alone contributes more than £400 million a day to the UK economy.

The industry is growing at an accelerated rate, which is creating more and more need for the latest technology. From the latest mobiles essential for keeping colleagues connected to the most up-to-date monitors used to facilitate day-to-day work, wherever you look in a tech industry you’ll spot a plethora of new technologies emerging.

Closed-loop manufacturing is a process that re-uses materials as opposed to disposing of them. It is expected that by 2050, a circular economy will be part and parcel of consumer electronic products.

A survey by Forbes discovered that 88 % of consumers want you, as the brand, to help them make a difference when it comes to the environment. Likewise, a survey by Hotwire found that 47 % of internet users ditched a brand that didn’t align with their personal values.

Old technology being stowed away under desks or in cupboards as the new alternatives arrive. Improve your work environment by recycling these products, freeing up space for the things you really need to store away.

The rippling effects of covid – 19 has had an extreme effect on how the business will work. Offices filled to the brim with employees have trickled away in numbers, making working from home the new norm. What do we do with the hardware sitting there, money invested, money sitting in dusty cupboards?

It recycled companies are here to help and they have stepped up. In a world of the internet and ease. Some IT recycling businesses that were once shop-based have had to adapt.While some small businesses are hampered – and even going out of business – as a result of the restrictions of the pandemic, adding eCommerce to thes businesses not only gives a more efficient way for serving existing customers to continue to buy from you but opens up your business to a world of new customers

If you haven’t yet embraced eCommerce for your IT – repurposing business, now’s the time. Let SouqBox be part of your journey and help create a marketplace you’re in control of. From hardware to servers and everything in between. A one-stop shop for the everyday person or the large business.



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