The Digital Supply Chain Revolutionises Food Manufacturing

The Digital Supply Chain Revolutionises Food Manufacturing Digital transformation is a term that virtually every industry needs to consider today. In a world dominated by smart technology, IoT, AI, and machine learning, if you’re not embracing the digital world, you’re falling behind the competition. In the food manufacturing industry, digitisation isn’t just about productivity and […]

How B2B distributors are turning to eCommerce to drive revenue growth

We all know that shoppers are buying more online than ever before. But did you know that it’s not just consumers, but businesses too, which are making the move to online orders? Online retail for B2B businesses is one of the biggest ways you can grow your business, right now… here’s how. In the age of Covid-19, […]

B2B eCommerce: A Shift in the B2B Customer Buying Experience

Providing the right b2b eCommerce solution that accommodates the complex needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors can be a problematic task. Over the years we’ve seen many b2b eCommerce projects unravel after using off-the-shelf or open-source software solutions – usually because providers fail to understand the unique demands of b2b eCommerce, or they simply don’t […]

Why do manufacturers (and their customers) need an e-commerce future?

2020 was the year of disruption and many manufacturers struggled to keep up with the pace. Many couldn’t move past their traditional, offline ways of working. Unfortunately, the hesitation to digitize is holding back manufacturers’ potential for business transformation. Transformation in the manufacturing industry is being driven by consumer behavior. Manufacturers that still primarily serve […]

Startup Britain – how are we looking now?

An amazing 65% of Brits want to set up their own company and there is 1 company formed every minute! So is Britain the start up capital of the world? This study published in MicroBiz  makes for some very interesting reading about the startup scene in the UK. At SouqBox we are really passionate about […]