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@SouqBox we have ambitious growth plans for our UK based team over the next 12 months and so we are always looking for exceptional talent and especially in these fields –

  1. Software engineer on the front end – Angular is our main focus.
  2. Software engineer on the back end – PHP and a bit of NodeJS are the thing.
  3. UI/UX specialists either from a design or QA background
  4. Growth hackers & digital marketing experts. Goes without say really.
  5. Salespeople who are self-driven, go-getters that can really influence other peoples’ thinking without being too pushy is what we seek.

Individual posts will be put up here also as we specifically aim to recruit a role.
If you would like to join us and you are a good match to the above requirements, please send your CV to our talent team telling us why you think so.
Recruiters – please do not make contact. We respect that you need to make a living but we don’t use agencies as a policy so please don’t reach out about candidates you have.


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